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03 sierpnia 2010

Cultural inspirations

As far as cultural life is concerned, everyone will find something interesting to do in Leszno. Events such as the Leszno Days, The Return of the King, Summer Fair, Music and Folklore Festival, Advent Fair attract many visitors. more
03 sierpnia 2010

Higher standard schools

Leszno is reinforcing its position as an academic town. Nearly 7400 students study in higher education schools in Leszno. New faculties are being opened to meet the current needs of the market. more
03 sierpnia 2010

Open to business

The town is the most important economic centre in the Leszno region. In December 2007, in Leszno there were 8583 economic entities including 123 companies with foreign capital. more
03 sierpnia 2010

The Leszno Region right royal welcome !

The Leszno region is an exceptionally attractive area offering tourists a range of tourist attractions and numerous ways of spending free time. You must visit the beautiful castles, palaces, manor houses, historical churches and windmills. The area around Leszno is perfect for relaxation among nature. more
03 sierpnia 2010

Speedway passion

Leszno is famous for world-class speedway. The Unia Leszno Sports Club is one of the oldest and the most successful clubs in Poland. It was established in 1938. Unia Leszno has won Team Speedway Polish Championship medals many times and its riders have also won medals in individual racing competitions. more
03 sierpnia 2010

Under the Leszno sky

The biggest airfield in Europe of the Polish Aero Club Central Gliding School in Leszno is one of the most convenient places for gliding in the world. Leszno is the only town which has hosted the World Gliding Championships three times (1958, 1968, 2003). Leszno has also hosted micro air vehicle competitions, ballooning and gliding championships on national and European level. more
03 sierpnia 2010

Spread your wings !

Leszno has the population of 64 thousand inhabitans and it is one of the most important towns in the Wielkopolska region. It is conveniently situated with easy access. Leszno is open to new people, new ideas, new initiatives. more